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Drug addiction continues to be a highly misunderstood issue, even though there are a lot of people who are affected by it. While everyone makes a conscious decision to start using illegal drugs, it quickly turns into an unconscious need. Drugs quickly re-program the brain, and addicts find that their ability to quit is encumbered by numerous overbearing obstacles. Sometimes drugs that were supposed to make people feel better result in substance dependency, as in the case of users addicted to prescription pain killers; their use started over legitimate discomfort and quickly spiraled into something else. Others have gone through terrible trauma, and are attempting to self-medicate their stress and anxiety. Rehabilitation centers understand the key to addressing substance dependency is not to punish the addict or treat them cruelly, but to support and inform the addict while in recovery.

Drug addiction, commonly referred to as substance abuse disorder by health care professionals, encompasses both illegal and legal substances, as well as substance abuse combined with alcohol consumption. It is a psychological illness characterized by forceful and uncontrollable cravings for drugs, despite knowing that addiction causes disastrous consequences. An applicable comparison is type two diabetes; a series of bad health and food related decisions results in the development of this type of diabetes, and once it appears, it must be monitored and medicated for the rest of the person’s life. If a diabetic is non-compliant, they could easily die. Even though it can seem like the addict’s fault, most addicts have long ago compromised their ability to quit alone and need help managing their dependency before it leads to death. While people typically see diabetes as a real disease, they do not feel the same way about dependency even though they’re comparable. Using scientifically proven methods, drug centers treat substance abuse disorders in a compassionate and effective way which allows their clients to recover fully.

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